Saaremaa’s smithy – high quality forgings from Saaremaa

Sepapaja OÜ was founded as a family business in spring 2012. In our Saaremaa`s smithy we respect ancient traditions which are adapted to modern opportunities and desires. As a result, we offer original solutions which are based on individual preferences of each costumer. We appreciate the personal approach, precision and diligent work, because we know that the value of the metal is equal to the blacksmith`s skill. 

The members of the family business are the father Jarek Paju and the sons Stig and Rauno Paju. Jarek has worked with blacksmithing and metalworking for almost 15 years and has passed on the main blacksmithing techniques and skills to his sons, for example, all of them have experience in handling both the crude and precious metals. To broaden their variety of skills and to bring added value to the team, sons Sitg and Rauno study jewellery and blacksmithing in the Academy of Fine Arts. In such cooperation it is possible to supplement the old traditions with modern opportunities to carry out all sorts of ideas. 

Please contact us with your design, sketch or just with the idea and we will help to shape and prepare your preferred product. Forging is not simply a thing, it is an original work of art which is tailor-made for your taste, and is a sure eye-catcher in every home and office. Order one for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Do not hesitate to contact us!